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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic Therapy Treatments based on valuing an individual on a whole spectrum: mind + body + spirit in the most natural non invasive ways.

Mindfulness Mentorship with Gina

As simple as "paying attention to your breath" sounds, you may find it is quite difficult, if not near impossible! There may be a lot of noise, chatter, or complexities that arise when you sit for a mindful meditation. Gina offers support and lessons in helping you navigate through what comes up in your practice and pushing you to keep at it.

Guided Meditation Instruction with Gina

If you're challenged by sitting in silence, Gina offers guided meditation sessions catered specifically to you and what you would like to achieve through working together. It can be anything from relaxation or regaining focus to easing anxiety.   



Gina works with all types of students, offering you a fresh perspective to improve your practice. Find out more about Gina.

Life Coaching with Fonda

Fonda assists you in unlearning societal 'norms' that prevent you from living the life you dream of

Body Journeying with Fonda

Your body gets stuck in patterns that your mind determine. These modalities used together help unlock what is holding you back


Fonda knows that complete healing can NOT take place without agreement from your body. Find out more about Fonda.

Wellness Consultation with Ndine

Consultation Includes: Toxicity Quiz, Intracellular Acidity Assessment, Eternale Bio-feedback Treatment

Vibrational Fat Burning Treatment with Ndine

This quick but effective fat burning treatment improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces toxins effortlessly and promotes gradual inch loss

Infrared Sauna with Ndine

With this technology, you can lose weight, relax, relieve unwanted pain, increase your circulation and purify your skin. A series of treatments lead to significant detoxification

Parasite - Gua Sha Therapy with Ndine

Gua Sha is a natural, ancient Chinese alternative therapy that promotes the break down of stubborn tissue like cellulite, it detoxes while relieving pain + inflammation. The process gently removes parasites, leaving you with healthy, glowing and nourished skin

Eternale Treatment with Ndine

Eternale Quantum Biofeedback system was created by Professor Bill Nelson of Hungary. This revolutionary system measures imbalances in the body and sends frequencies to individual cells through bioacoustics which corrects them. These frequencies help retrain the mind and body to let go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you. 


Find out more about Ndine...Click Here

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Indigo Wellness is a premiere wellness center in Atlanta which offers an array of services catering to the Kirkwood community.

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