Heather Hudgens

Aesthetics |
Lashes + Beauty

Skin care and makeup have been a love of Heather’s ever since she was a little girl.
She’s loved all things beauty, even focusing her seventh grade science project around facial masks using ingredients from the pantry.
“Before YouTube and Instagram I had teen magazines that would give tips and tricks for masks using egg whites and honey and I would make such a mess trying out facial techniques when I was 12.”
After getting her Bachelor’s and working in the advertising field for a few years Heather decided her passion of skincare and beauty was where she belonged and went back to school for aesthetics. Now almost 10 years later the best part of what she does is helping clients look and feel thier best. “When clients leave their treatment whether it be a facial or brow wax feeling better than when they came in that makes me feel just as good knowing I’ve done my job!”